Kaptar will allow to pay utility bills with bottles

Kaptar will allow to pay utility bills with bottles

The project encourages the deposit of aluminum cans and PET bottles in collecting machines.

Kaptar expects to finish this year with 12 Kaptadoras machines. Kaptar is a recycling company within the public cleaning service that was born in Medellín in February last year.

Kaptar seeks to promote the use of solid waste, its purpose is to encourage recycling, circular economy, reduce waste in landfills and provide people with money to pay for basic products and services.

Tomás Villamil and David Valencia, from la Guajira ang Bogotá, started this company because they know the economic potential of what people call trash.

«»There are countries in Europe that only deposit 2 percent of everything they produce in the landfills, we are burying 87 percent, we are literally burying money,»» said Tomás.

This is because behind a bottle, for example, is the petrochemical industry, transportation logistics, engineering specialties, that manufacture a product with a shelf life that only lasts as long as people delay in emptying their contents. This even though the plastic with which they are made could be reused many more times.

With Kaptar they want to put this great economic potential into society, benefiting especially the people who have the least monetary income.

Thus, one of the objectives is that people can get pines to pay for prepaid public services of Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EPM).

EPM does not cut services after a number of overdue bills, but allows people to pay early, so users make water and energy consumption according to their income.

At present, in the valley of Aburrá there are 16,660 users with prepaid water and 222,900 with energy in this modality.

«There being no one else who is interested, and there being no other scenario than the sector of the most needy, we thought that it was ideal to take that potential and distribute it among them, that suddenly economic difficulties do not allow them to access some products or services» , Commented one of the creators of Kaptar.

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