Terms of use for Site, products and EFFITECO S.A.S.

You are important for the company EFFITECO S.A.S., hereinafter referred to as «EFFITECO», so that even if you are a new and long-time customer and / or user, please take a moment to read our Terms and Conditions for each product class and / or Services we provide you and for your participation in the different spaces of interaction and / or participation available on the Sites owned by the company EFFITECO S.A.S.


Site: Current and future web pages, platforms, applications and networks owned and / or operated by EFFITECO S.A.S. will be understood, including but not limited to those Sites specifically specified in these terms and conditions and all those created in the future to provide content , Goods and / or services, among others.

Affiliated Parties: These are the companies of the same group of EFFITECO S.A.S. («EFFITECO»).
Likewise, it will be understood the third parties with whom alliances or commercial agreements are established with which it is necessary to share the information of the client and / or user.
When making reference to «EFFITECO» it will mean EFFITECO S.A.S.

Client and / or User: It is the person who commercially links with «EFFITECO», acquiring one of its products, services, or the person that accesses any of the services or interaction spaces of the Sites owned by «EFFITECO».

Spaces of Interaction and / or participation: Sites may contain spaces for users to interact or participate in sections of comments, discussion forums, proposal of news content, questions or online discussions in those cases where interviews or streaming reports are made, blogs, social networks, among others. In general spaces where you can share content.

Transactional space: It is that space within the Site where the user can access goods and / or services offered by «EFFITECO» and third parties, and where eventually the payment should be made through a payment gateway of a third party, for example the purchase of the subscription service and / or the publication of advertising.

It will be understood among others by contents: Texts, advertising, fixed and moving images, animations, videos, infographics, cartoons, graphics, databases, crosswords, and in general information and intellectual property rights, that are in «Site».

Petition, Complaint and / or Claim and / or PCC: Within some of the Sites of «EFFITECO» including www.effiteco.com, you may submit a petition, complaint or complaint online. For these purposes, you should keep in mind the following definitions.

Petition: Any request respectful of information or recognition of a right presented by a consumer and / or user of goods or services marketed and / or provided by EFFITECO S.A.S. Likewise, it will be understood the request of information that a person makes on their personal data that rest in the databases of EFFITECO S.A.S.

Complaint: Any manifestation of nonconformity in which it is not claimed the fulfillment of a right by a consumer and / or user of goods or services marketed or rendered by EFFITECO S.A.S. Likewise, it will be understood the nonconformity on the attention given by EFFITECO S.A.S or on the use of its personal data that rest in the databases of EFFITECO S.A.S.

Claim: Any opposition, claim or disagreement presented by a consumer and / or user of the goods or services marketed or rendered by EFFITECO S.A.S. where it is evidenced the nonconformity of this around the quality of the good or service and waits for the fulfillment of their right with or without economic or benefit requirements.


This Site www.effiteco.com (hereinafter, the «Site») is owned by the company EFFITECO S.A.S identified with Nit. 900 891 032-2, (hereinafter «EFFITECO»).

The access for the reading of the news and / or information contents of the same, does not require the previous inscription or filling of forms by the reader; However, to access some spaces of interaction and / or participation, such as but not limited to: making comments, proposing contents, reporting on current events and / or events, reporting content errors, sending complaints, complaints In relation to news and / or information content, write to the reader’s advocate, interact in blogs and on the other hand for the contracting of goods and / or services available to the consumer will eventually request personal data such as name, surname, email, among others or will require their previous registration, which will be protected and / or treated according to the policy of treatment and use of personal information of EFFITECO S.A.S. reserves the right to implement the mechanisms tending to update personal data of its registered users and in any case based on the requirements of law, so it is possible that in the process of updating the databases, a new registration is required that implies that the user name under which the user of the Site interacts is changed by a new one; So that «EFFITECO» will not be responsible if another user appropriates the previously used name. It is also possible that users within the spaces of interaction, participation and / or transaction constantly require the entry and / or keep the data updated, therefore «EFFITECO» reserves the right to require new registration for users who do not remain active within the Site.

Users of the Site will be able to access the spaces of participation and / or interaction prior registration through their user and password; likewise, they will eventually be able to do so through their user and information registered in social networks like but not limited to Facebook and Google.

The use and / or participation of this Site will be governed by the terms and conditions that are included below, as well as by the laws of the Republic of Colombia applicable to the matter. The terms and conditions are understood to be known and accepted by the users of the Site (hereinafter, the «User»).

If a User is not in compliance with or in accordance with the present Terms and Conditions of the Site, «EFFITECO» suggests not participating in it and / or Participation Spaces.
The user is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of his name and password.


The contents of this website or are the property of «EFFITECO» or belong to third parties or natural persons who legally license such content to «EFFITECO», such as the contents of national and international news agencies for example. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise.

However, it is possible to download material owned by «EFFITECO» for personal and non-commercial use, provided that express mention is made of ownership owned by «EFFITECO».

• Content provided by users of the «EFFITECO» Sites

The User owns the copyright on its content. The User grants to «EFFITECO» specifically the following license, non-exclusive license for the reproduction, adaptation, compilation, storage and distribution, transferable, with sublicense rights, free and applicable worldwide to use any content that the user publishes in Any of the «EFFITECO» Sites.

«EFFITECO» shall, as far as possible, acknowledge to the User its authorship on the contents supplied. The User guarantees that the contents provided and published in «EFFITECO» are its authorship, that it is not violating the copyright of third parties and that it will keep «EFFITECO» and its sub-licensees free from any claims that may arise on the occasion of their use.

The user is the owner of the information that publishes in any of the Sites of «EFFITECO», however, authorizes other users to share with other users and / or through social networks or Sites such as the contents published by the users. Sites of «EFFITECO».

• Contents of ads and / or advertisements.

Advertising, classified, offers and products on the «Site» and are not owned by EFFITECO S.A.S. are the sole responsibility of the advertiser and / or supplier. «EFFITECO» is not responsible for the content, quality, accuracy, Use, warranties and The User accepts and understands that any claim must be presented to the advertiser or originator of the notice.


«EFFITECO» does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the functioning of the Site. When reasonably possible, «EFFITECO» will first warn of interruptions in the operation of the Site.

«EFFITECO» also does not guarantee the usefulness of the Site for the performance of any particular activity, nor its infallibility and, in particular, but not exclusively, that Users can effectively use the Site, access to different websites or sections that Form the Site.

Consequently, «EFFITECO» is not responsible for damages and losses of any nature that may be due to the lack of availability or continuity of the functioning of the Site, to the fraud of the utility that the Users may have attributed to the Site and the services, to the fallibility of the Site, and in particular, but not exclusively, to the failures in access to the different web pages or sections of the Site.

«EFFITECO» does not control or guarantee, and therefore is not responsible for, the presence of viruses or other elements in the contents of the Site that may cause alterations in the computer system (software and hardware) of the User or in the electronic documents and files stored in the User’s computer system.

• Links or Hyperlinks

«EFFITECO» will not be responsible or exert control over links or hyperlinks – Internet pages – that can be accessed from their sites, if these do not belong to «EFFITECO» or any of its subsidiaries or subsidiaries. Likewise, it will not guarantee the security, quality, reliability, truthfulness, technical support, and the contents found in those Web sites. It can not be understood that the existence of a hyperlink that is not owned by «EFFITECO», generates links of association, collaboration or participation with the owners and / or responsible for these links.

• Conduct of the users in the spaces of participation and interaction of «EFFITECO».

The Site promotes an active and free participation on the part of the Users, in such a way that this is a friendly, peaceful, healthy and enriching means for all its participants.

«EFFITECO» expects of each User the behavior and conduct that allows to achieve such purpose, so that the User accepts and expressly and irrevocably authorizes «EFFITECO» to review the comments or opinions expressed in the Spaces and / or delete those that are not comply with the rules of coexistence contained in the Terms and Conditions of the Site, as well as to interrupt the communication between users in case it deems it appropriate, without thereby generating any responsibility for «EFFITECO» for that deleted and / or interrupted or For what is not reviewed and / or deleted by «EFFITECO» and that do not comply with the terms and conditions of the «Site», as will be seen in this title.

The participation in the forums, chats, comments and other similar spaces of participation within the Site, imply the acceptance and knowledge on the part of the User of the Terms and Conditions of the Site, as well as the irrevocable commitment of each User to respect those Terms and Conditions Of the Site, being understood and accepted that the user is responsible for any activity that is carried out under his registration and that exempts and will hold harmless from «EFFITECO» of any responsibility that results from the breach of such commitment, which includes damages and damages caused to other Users and / or any affected third party.

Whoever holds the quality of User must be of legal age and legal capacity to assume obligations, in addition, undertakes that at the time of making use of any tool or service provided by «EFFITECO» in its «Site» will act in good faith , According to law and principles such as morality, public order and good customs.

By using the interaction spaces in the Sites, the user may be exposed to content that he may find offensive, harmful, inaccurate or misleading; There may also be the risk of dealing with underage persons, persons acting under a false identity or malicious persons among others; Therefore by the use of the Sites the user assumes these risks and the others associated with them.

By entering the Site and participating in any of the spaces for participation or interaction of the same, and to ensure good and proper use, the User must strictly comply with the following:

• Do not abuse, harass, threaten or intimidate other users of the «Site» either through chats, forums, blogs or any other space for participation.

• Do not use the «Site» as a means to develop illegal or unauthorized activities in Colombia, as in any other country.

• Refrain from sending unwanted email (SPAM), as well as it is prohibited to transmit viruses or any code of a destructive nature.

• Refrain from sharing and / or offering on the Site products or services not authorized by «EFFITECO».

• Refrain from sharing information that is not relevant to the characteristics of the Interaction space and / or participation.

• Do not publish content that incites, promotes, supports, defends or has the character of racist, xenophobic, discriminatory, terrorist, pornographic or offensive to the good name, honor and honor of the people and in general that they violate fundamental rights of third persons.

• Do not use copyrighted material or other material of any kind without the express permission of the material owner.

• Do not use vulgar, defamatory, threatening, derogatory, gross, false, misleading, fraudulent, inaccurate, unjust language, contain exaggerations or unconfirmed assertions, are unreasonably harmful or offensive against any person, individual or community, even if it is only identifiable.

• Do not use texts, photographs or illustrations in bad taste, violating the right to privacy and / or privacy.

• Do not violate or promote the violation of any law, rule, international, national, departmental or municipal regulation.

• Refrain from using any technology that exceeds the controls or limits set by «EFFITECO» to share content within their spaces of interaction.

While these behaviors are prohibited in the Site, «EFFITECO» will not have the obligation to follow up to verify their compliance, since the user accessing the Site and possibly participating in any of the spaces of participation or interaction of the same, is obliged to fulfill them and assumes the legal responsibility of what you write and / or express.

If any User breaches these practices of use, «EFFITECO» is entitled and reserves the right to remove and / or delete the User’s registry, as well as the chats, blogs, forums, discussions, comment systems, Or any other tool or space of participation of the Site.

«EFFITECO» shall have the right but not the obligation to monitor, moderate and / or validate the contents shared by users within the Site for verification of compliance with these terms and conditions and to adapt to the applicable legislation or at the request of whoever affected by such information.

In addition, and although «EFFITECO» does not have the obligation to monitor or moderate the content uploaded by users, it reserves the right at any time and for any reason to examine, edit, refuse to publish or delete any content without prior notice. The user is solely responsible for creating backup copies of their contents at their own cost and expense.

EFFITECO’s decision to monitor, modify, remove, moderate and / or validate the content is not and will not be construed as constituting any liability on the part of EFFITECO. EFFITECO is not responsible for what it did not replace and was published, even though it is contrary to these terms and conditions.

It is the right of «EFFITECO», to include or not in the Site the material received from users at its discretion. «EFFITECO» reserves the right to maintain such material on the Site for whatever period of time it deems appropriate.

The design, management, purpose and characteristics of the different spaces of participation and interaction of the Site are discretionary elements of «EFFITECO», who may at any time change and / or eliminate them, and / or determine the number of participants admitted in each one of they.

• Articles and Opinion Comments

The articles and opinion comments that are in the Sites of «EFFITECO», are free and from them are solely and exclusively responsible for their authors, therefore, do not compromise the editorial thinking of «EFFITECO». It is thus, as requests for rectification should be addressed to the responsible and not to «EFFITECO». However, it is understood that these rectification does not proceed, since by express manifestation of the Constitutional Court the opinion «knows no restrictions», because they are personal appreciations of the writer, in accordance with the conviction that the author has formed about an event, person or place.

«EFFITECO», is not responsible for the legality, accuracy, completeness, timeliness and certainty of the facts on which opinion or comment is made by columnists, collaborators and users and that are published in the Site.

• Behavior parameters for bloggers

For any of the blogs hosted in the Site, you as a blogger are committed to keep your blog updated and therefore to maintain their frequency and to respect and help meet the rules of community use. Please note the following:

• Do not write texts, upload images or any other material that violates human integrity.

• Help build community by filtering out bad comments; visiting the work of others for others to visit his; responding to the comments that other users make inside their blog in a coherent and respectful way, the goal is to build a dialogue around the proposed topics.

• If you see something abnormal in comments, blogs, reports, notes, etc. let us know.

• Write in a clear and simple format.

• Do not type in uppercase, in the online community it is considered as shouting.

• Do not use unconventional forms of writing, do not generate trust.

• When using any part of an article or blog it is very important that you give the necessary credits to its author. It is also good practice to mention the source and share your link with the reader.

• Do not post texts written by other people in your blog without a bibliographical quote.

• Be cautious with health information, recommendations or prescriptions or medical treatments.

• Do not use photos, videos or materials that are not yours without permission from the author.

• Check your sources. If you are not sure of the validity of the information but want to publish it, share your doubt instead of publishing it as fact.

• Check to make sure that to make links of images and websites requires prior permission of its author. If you are not sure, remember that most sites or blogs do not let you do this without prior notice.

• Correct your mistakes, post updates and clarifications when necessary. When these errors occur, accept them and publish the changes and / or updates.

• If you have a conflict of interest or are supporting a personal project, it is best to say it head-on. Your readers deserve to know the truth.

• About the news content proposed by the user.

The Site enables the user to provide additional information about the news content that is published. Likewise, new information on facts and / or current news may be suggested. As far as possible, the user should provide the data from the appropriate sources to supplement the information or make it possible for «EFFITECO» to do journalistic research work. For all of the above, you must fully identify yourself. «EFFITECO» reserves the right to add information and / or do its own research work on the facts mentioned and / or suggested by the user. In the event that EFFITECO S.A.S. chooses to reproduce the content proposed by the user of the Site in any of its printed and / or digital media, the user guarantees to «EFFITECO» that it owns the copyright of its content and grants «EFFITECO» on a permanent basis, a free exclusive license for the reproduction, adaptation, compilation, storage and distribution of the contents supplied by it and expressly authorizes the publication thereof in the printed version of any of the» EFFITECO «as well as its digital platforms. «EFFITECO» will acknowledge to the User its authorship on the contents supplied to the extent that the user fully identifies himself.

The user must keep in mind that the information provided must be truthful and impartial and in any case must be respectful of the fundamental rights of the natural or legal persons for which it is informed.

In the event that «EFFITECO» does its own journalistic work with the information provided by the User, it reserves the right to preserve or not the identity of the source (User).

In any case, the user must keep in mind the other rules established in these terms and conditions that are applicable, as well as that, the information provided is providing it to a communication medium so it has a vocation for publication and will not be considered In no case as confidential information.

• Social networks

The information issued by EFFITECO S.A.S through social networks will be the responsibility of «EFFITECO», provided they are made through its official channels, by Facebook Twitter or Instagram. EFFITECO S.A.S, is not responsible for the opinions that the employees make through their personal accounts, as well as the comments of third parties, in these channels.


The Site may implement offers, promotions, contests, sweepstakes and events of third parties and / or EFFITECO S.A.S.

The offers, promotions, contests, sweepstakes and events of third parties that are advertised in the Sites of «EFFITECO» are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the owner of the same, reason why any request, complaint or claim must be presented by the user to the third responsible and not to «EFFITECO».

The User acknowledges that «EFFITECO» does not assume any responsibility that corresponds to an advertiser and / or supplier of goods and / or services, promotions, sweepstakes, etc. that are offered in the Site, being understood that «EFFITECO» is not responsible for transactions, quality, or delivery of the products or services offered on the «EFFITECO» Sites. Therefore, it will not be responsible for any problems, complaints or complaints from users regarding issues related to said products or services. Likewise it does not answer for the problems that are generated in the payment gateways.

The promotions, competitions, sweepstakes and events of «EFFITECO» that are implemented in the Site will be subject to the rules and conditions that in each opportunity is established by «EFFITECO», being necessary as a minimum requirement to access such opportunities or benefits that the User is duly registered as a user of the Site.


«EFFITECO» offers customers and / or users the possibility to contract the publication of classified ads in the EFFITECO S.A.S media enabled for them.

This is how the classified ads can be purchased in person, by phone and through this Site Site property of EFFITECO S.A.S.

The classifieds are the most effective means for the diffusion and commercialization of products and services of immediate transaction. Throughout history, the classifieds section has given a great boost to important sectors of the economy, leaving indicators of high effectiveness and significant return on investment in our clients. For this reason, EFFITECO S.A.S classifieds are recognized and preferred by advertisers as the most effective option for the dissemination of supply and demand of goods.


«EFFITECO» will charge for the provision of the Classifieds services together with the fees or taxes to which they are entitled, as well as the associated charges for electronic transfers.
«EFFITECO» in case of not receiving the payment made by a User may suspend or cancel the service or access to the Site for the User until it has paid the totality of the sums due.
The User is responsible for maintaining the records and / or any data or information on the operations performed on the Site.

Classifieds Policies.

«EFFITECO» reserves the right to reject at any discretion any classified if it contradicts the present policies and conditions. Accordingly, «EFFITECO» shall not be liable for the damages caused by the non-publication of a classified or part thereof. Classified once received by «EFFITECO» are subject to further approval and may be modified either in terms of spelling or classification rules.

Warranty (product several dates): If errors are detected in sorted classified for products that include the publication of the same in several dates, the User must notify about the error immediately after the first publication, to the telephone 339-33-33 or to the section «Contact us» of the Site. If the user does not warn of the error, it is his responsibility that the other warnings are equally defective.

Warranty: In any case when the User orders the publication of a notice for a single date, it must inform and / or claim in case of errors in the publication whose responsibility may be in «EFFITECO», within three days after Date of publication of the notice.

The User accepts, without prejudice to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, that by publishing a classified of his property in any of the «EFFITECO» publications, he grants a license and / or authorization to publish, reproduce, Adapt, transmit, include, in the means ordered by the User. It also authorizes «EFFITECO» the database file of all information pertaining to the order of publication of the notice, the content of the same, the data supplied by the User as but not limited to his personal identification.

At the request of a competent authority, «EFFITECO» may supply information concerning the User, to the notice. It is the User who is responsible for the consequences that derive from the content of the same.

The User guarantees that any text delivered to EFFITECO S.A.S. for its publication is true, sufficient, does not violate the individual, collective or fundamental rights of any person, as well as that trademarks, legends and commercial propaganda correspond to reality and therefore not misleading as to the nature, origin, mode of manufacture, components, uses, volume, weight or measurement, prices, form of use, characteristics, properties, quality, suitability or the quantity of the goods and services offered. Likewise, it guarantees that on the classified submitted for publication owns the rights of intellectual property and author and therefore with the order of publication does not infringe any right, nor any interest of third party. If the publication of the classified infringes any third party right or gives rise to any type of civil, criminal and / or administrative proceeding, the User shall be solely responsible for the published classification and shall stand in defense of «EFFITECO» and duly assume the Rights of defense of the latter, paying if applicable, the costs and costs of the process and the proxies that «EFFITECO» designates, being part of the respective claim if it has not been called to it and if legally it is possible.

The User agrees to indemnify EFFITECO S.A.S for all expenses, costs, claims, damages, damages and liability resulting from the publication of a classified or text ordered by him. «EFFITECO» will be entitled to request the damages that it considers pertinent according to the nature of the damage caused by the advertiser by a classified notice.

«EFFITECO» reserves the right to remove any content and / or delete, cancel or suspend the registration of a User, as well as to suspend or cancel access to any part of the Service and the Site, if it determines, in its sole discretion, That the User, its Content, or the goods or services offered violate or threaten other Users and / or the Platform and / or any third party. If a User’s account is deleted or their access is restricted, suspended or terminated for the reason stated herein, the Content may be removed immediately and their access may be restricted, suspended, or terminated without the recognition of any indemnity.

When ordering the publication of a notice in a product that includes several dates, the User understands that he acquired a product that involves several dates, therefore, if he suspends the publication of one or more of the dates provided by the publication as dates of publication your notice, EFFITECO S.A.S. has already begun to execute the contract and / or service and therefore there will be no return to its price.

Specific conditions on classifieds.

The publication of texts with sexual content or inciting violence, discrimination or ill-treatment of any kind is prohibited; are libelous or abusive, threatening or provocative, or in any way infringing on the dignity, honor and good name of a person; that injure the moral, the public order or the good customs; that incite, promote, offer or facilitate the illegality or violation of any rule or right; that commercialize prohibited objects, such as: body organs, wildlife, firearms and ammunition, hallucinogenic or psychoactive substances.
In the event that the person ordering a classified is different from the person identified as an advertiser, it will be understood that it has been authorized by the latter to order the respective publication. In any case, «EFFITECO» understands that who registers, enters and orders a notice and therefore makes transactions in the Site, is the person and / or user that says that it is and that is legally empowered to do so.

Force Majeure Events

EFFITECO S.A.S. is not responsible for the non-publication of a classified and the distribution of any of its publications in cases of force majeure or fortuitous event, or in events such as but not limited to: fire, attack, unemployment, flood, strike, lack of raw material not attributable to «EFFITECO», transportation problems, printing machine failures that can not be solved. In such case, everything contemplated in the publication order is postponed for a period equal to the lost.

«EFFITECO» may change, modify, remove and / or add any aspect, service or feature of its Sites at any time, including but not limited to content, time and / or availability and equipment requirements to access or use Sites.

Masificados: The classified ads that are contracted through the Site www.masificados.com, will be governed by its own terms and conditions and for everything manifested in this section that are not contrary to those terms.

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